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About Us

"Who founded DoeNetwork? A single person did not found or create the DoeNetwork that we know and use today."

- Todd Matthews

Doe Network began as a website in 1999, evolving into an informal volunteer organization in 2001, and finally evolving into an official 501c on July 29, 2011.

Organizational Structure

Our organization is structured to provide an efficient way for each volunteer member to participate actively.

Administrative Team

The Administrative Team works together to keep the site and the volunteer groups running as smoothly as possible. Each administrative team member has various duties in which they perform to help maintain a working organization.

Our administrative team consists of:

Media & Public Relations: Todd Matthews

Membership Coordinator: Della Williams

Area Director Coordinator: Tracy Pampena

Research Coordinator: Tara Kennedy

Webmaster / Unidentified Persons Cases Coordinator: Dawn Duke

Asst. Webmaster / Missing Persons Cases Coordinator: Donna Zorn

Tips & Potential Match Coordinator: Mary Bell

Family Support & Community Liaison / Social Media Representative: Sarah McWilliams

Area Directors

The Area Directors serve as our localized link to investigating agencies. They are responsible for maintaining good communication with agencies located within their area, validation of cases, and submitting possible matches and information we receive from our members and web site visitors. View Area Directors Contact Information.


The Researchers are responsible for researching missing and unidentified persons cases that fall within the case criteria. Additionally, they are responsible for fact checking and locating additional information about the cases listed on our site. View Researchers Contact Information.

Media Representatives

The Media Representatives serve as our localized contact for media inquires. The Media Representatives are responsible for maintaining good communication with local media organizations located within their area and conducting interviews when requested. View Media Representatives Contact Information or our Media Center page.

Web Team

The Web Team is responsible for creating, adding, editing and closes cases from our website, as well as overall website upkeep. View Web Team Contact Information.

Family Support Liaison

Our Family Support Liaison assists those families with missing loved ones by helping answer questions on how to report your loved one missing to law enforcement or adding a listing on our website or NamUs. View our Family Liaison page.

Potential Match Panel

The Potential Match Panel is responsible for determining the possibility of each potential match the group makes or receives. View our Potential Match Panel page.

Law Enforcement Liaisons

LE Liaisons are active or retired law enforcement who help to open doors and encourage good relationships with the law enforcement community.

James Kaiser of Lake County Sheriff's Office, Indiana / jkaiser(at)
Robert Lingoes of Quincy Police Department, Massachusetts / rlingoes(at)

NamUs Liaisons

Members who attended and graduated one of the five NamUs Academies in 2010/2011. They help to encourage good relationships with and other government entities.

Maureen A. Reintjes / deskside2(at)
Chris Saragusa / chrissaragusa(at)
Shannon Vita / shannonvita(at)

Advisory Panel

The Advisory Panel consists of professionals in the community who offer support and guidance on various science and organizational matters.

Case Management Advisor: Jerry Nance / grnance(at)
Coroner/Identification Issues Advisors: David Van Norman / dbvn(at) or Rebecca Castillo / mcpp(at)
Forensic Anthropology Advisor: Dr. Rick Snow / rick_snow(at)
Forensic Odontology Advisor: Dr. Richard Scanlon / richards.dmd(at)
Maliciously Missing / Family Issues Advisor: Maureen A. Reintjes / deskside2(at)
Search and Rescue Specialist: Mary Bell / marybell(at)
Legislative Issues Advisor: Janice Smolinski / wjs7(at)
Canadian Media Advisor: Wayne Leng / wayne.leng(at)

Volunteer Members

Volunteers within our organization work together to help in any way possible. Many focus on specific cases or geographical areas or have a specific skill they utilize within the organization. To become a volunteer please review our Volunteer page.

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