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Appreciation -
Thank you to all who refuse to stop fighting for people who can no longer fight for themselves!

The Doe Network is a volunteer organization that has been fortunate enough to work with extremely talented, dedicated, and wonderful people involved in the cold cases community, both civilian and professional.

While a simple "Thank You" page doesn't really suffice for some of the help we have received, it is the best way we can express our gratitude.

Thank you to the following people and organizations who have helped contribute to and develop the Doe Network:

Law Enforcement Agencies

Robert Lingoes, Quincy Police Department, Massachusetts

Lynn DeWitt, Investigative Assistant, Lake County Sheriff's Office, Florida

Richard Riena, Jefferson Township Police Department, New Jersey

Monti McKee and Jane McCulley of NCIC

New York State Police

Medical Examiner Agencies

Kentucky State Medical Examiner's Office for giving a longshot a chance in 1998

Dr. Richard Scanlon, D.M.D., Forensic Odontologist, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

Pete Bihorel, Hillsbourough County, Florida

Forensic Artists

Wesley Neville

The Project EDAN Forensic Artists

Missing and Unidentified Persons Organizations

Wayne Leng at Vancouver Eastside Missing Women

Libba Phillips Mullins at Outpost For Hope

Gerry Nance at The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Michael Britt at


The Administration of America's Unknown Child: The Boy In The Box Mystery

Past and Present Doe Network Members

All of the Doe Network members who keep us moving forward

The Doe Network Administrative Team

The Doe Network Potential Match Panel

The Doe Network Area Directors

Dana Gonzalez Kmec, Stolen Innocence

Tracie Fleischhut, New York Missing

Deanna Leip

Traycie Sherwood, former admin member

Jennifer Marra, developer of the first Doe Network website in 1999

Helene Wahlstrom, primary webmaster for several years

Angela Ellis, former admin member and North American Missing Persons website owner

Liz Sinor, former admin member

Linda Dodson, former admin member

Anna Hollis, former admin member, Family Liaison & Community Liaison

Patty Beeken, former general manager

Ramona Knob for translations from German, Spanish and French

Becky Roberts, former webmaster and admin member

Rocky Wells, former general manager and potential match coordinator

Della Williams, former membership coordinator


Donna Zorn and Joe Roland, who generously donated their time and skills toward the website redesign in 2015/2016.

Janelle E. Steele, who helped Todd Matthews develop the ChronoDex & GeoDex in 2003

Patrick Harkness & H3 Hosting, who graciously hosted us for longer than we could have even dreamed.

Diego Terranova and Linda Sundqvist, for translations from Italian

J P Mouantri, for translation to French

Ivana Pantovic, for translations from the Eastern European languages

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