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Case File 98UMFL

Sketch of Victim

Unidentified White Male

  • Located on October 25, 1993 in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Cause of death was trauma to the head.
  • The victim was found in a wooded area and appeared to have been there for a month.
  • The body was totally skeletonized.

    Vital Statistics

    • Estimated age: 25 - 45 years old
    • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'7 - 5'10"
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Long, straight brown hair. Right leg shorter than left, history of dislocated left shoulder, healed nasal bones, ribs 7-9 and 1st sacral vertebra show evidence of trauma and possible lumbarization.
    • Dentals: Dental records are available. Moderate to advanced periodontitis with one restoration.
    • Clothing: He was wearing Levi Strauss blue jeans, 31 waist and 32 length, a medium size, green tee-shirt with the words Road Kill Cafe, You Kill It, We Grill It. The back of the shirt had a menu on it. He was also wearing white socks.

    Case History
    The victim was located at C-68 canal West of US 441, Royal Palm Beach, FL.

    If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
    Palm Beach County Sheriff Office
    Michael Bell
    Palm Beach Medical Examiner Office

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    NCIC Number:

    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Source Information: Palm Beach County Sheriff Office

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