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Crystal Elizabeth Van Huuksloot
Missing since October 9, 1977 from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Van Huukslot was last seen in Toronto in 1977. She left a friends home to catch a plane at Toronto International Airport. She was to return to her home in Edmonton.

She had traveled from Edmonton to Toronto carrying $3,000 in a homemade money belt around her waist with the purpose of raising bail for her boyfriend, Stacey Harris, who had been arrested on a drug charge. She visited Harris in the Don Jail and told him about her only partially successful efforts in raising his bail of $15,000. She would raise the balance somehow. Crystal attempted to acquire the money by legitimate means, but was unsuccessful. Harris suggested loan sharks he knew, and gave her the name of Ian Rosenberg. Crystal contacted the man and was promised the money within a week. Something went wrong. Crystal told a friend that the Rosenberg loan had fallen through and that she would be flying back to Edmonton the following morning to attempt once more to raise the necessary funds. She visited Harris and told him that Rosenberg would be giving her a lift to the airport. Crystal never took the flight to Edmonton. When questioned by police, Rosenberg claimed he had dropped her off at the airport. Crystal disappeared and has not been seen since.

Rosenberg and his girlfriend were shot to death in bed seven months later. James Bass, a friend and business associate of Rosenberg, was arrested two hours after the double murder. Bass stood trial for the Rosenberg's murder. At the trial, Crown counsel Robert McGee admitted that the case against Bass was purely circumstantial, but contended that the motive for murder was Bass's fear that Rosenberg was about to inform the police of Bass's involvement in Crystal Van Huuksloot's disappearance.
James Bass was found not guilty. No one has ever been convicted of the murder of Ian Rosenberg and his girlfriend, nor has Crystal Van Huuksloot ever been found.

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Source Information: The Toronto Daily Star

Canadian Crimes by Max Haines

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