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Unidentified Male

  • Date of Discovery: July 1, 1991
  • Location of Discovery: Chattanooga, Hamilton County, Tennessee
  • Estimated Date of Death: July 1, 1991 up to 4 weeks prior
  • State of Remains: Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction
  • Cause of Death: Not stated
  • Physical Description
    ** Listed information is approximate

  • Estimated Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Estimated Age: 30 - 35 years
  • Race: White
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5'8" 6" (68.5 - 72 cm)
  • Weight: 135-145 lbs
  • Hair Color: Light to medium and approximately 2-3 inches in length
  • Eye Color: Undetermined
  • Distinguishing Marks/Features: He possibly suffered from chronic sinusitis. The right fifth metacarpal reveals a healed fracture and there is a bone spur on the coronoid process of the right ulna. The nasal bones also reveals a healed fracture and there is a healing fracture of the left zygomaxillary region of the face that extends into the left eye orbit. The orbital lamina on the right side of the ethmoid bone is eroded and the ethmoid air cells are exposed. This anomaly is consistent with chronic paranasal sinusitis. Ribs 5-8 on the left side reveal healed fractures. Also showing signs of healed fractures are ribs 5-11 on the right side.
  • Dentals: Available (He was missing several teeth)
  • Fingerprints: Not Available
  • DNA: Available
  • Clothing & Personal Items
  • Clothing: A black t-shirt with a northAmerican (moving company) logo across the front, blue jeans, white briefs and white socks. A blue denim jacket. Contents of both bags include: blue polo with the northAmerican (moving company) logo; brown t-shirt with a nautical wheel, below it "CIRCLE OF EXCELLENCE" and then below that a 18 wheeler with the word "Mayflower" within the body of the trailer bed, the back of the shirt has the 18-wheeler with the "MAYFLOWER" within the body of the trailer bed and above it "WALD" and below it "HOUSTON TEXAS"; a turquoise t-shirt with "STADLER & JENSEN" , a sale boat below it and then the words "Mayflower SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA"; a pair of black levi jeans size 32x32; a pair of blue EZ's pleated pants; a belt; five pairs of socks; a pair of white and possibly grey tennis shoes; a brown long sleeved v-neck thin sweater with mustard, white, and rust colored stripes made by HIMALAYA; a pair of white Calvin Klein size 34 brief underwear. White tennis shoes with black and grey accents.
  • Jewelry: None listed
  • Additional Personal Items: One medium sized John Weitz (possibly) canvas and leather/vinyl bag which has a light blue body with tan trim, handles, and chest strap. He also had a dark blue possibly black medium sized canvas bag with "Maupintour USA" in white on either side of it. a black comb; chapstick; fingernail clippers; a religious flier; multiple desposable BIC razors; speed stick deodorant; colgate tooth paste; motel 6 bar of soap; two tooth brushes; several mini bags of plain M&Ms; TOP tobacco; a blue vinyl bathroom bag; cortaid cream; asprin; bar of ivory soap
  • Case History

    He was found in a wooded area near a grocery store parking lot which was frequented by homeless/transient people. There was an empty bottle of isopropyl alcohol near the body.

    Investigating Agency(s)
    If you have any information about this case please contact;

  • Agency Name: Hamilton Cnty Med Examiners Office
  • Agency Contact Person: N/A
  • Agency Phone Number: 423-493-5175

  • Agency Case Number: C91-708
  • NamUs Case Number: UP #10171
  • Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Information Source(s)
  • Hamilyon County Medical Examiner
  • NamUs

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