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Case File 679UMID

Reconstruction of Victim

Unidentified White Male

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 60 years old
  • Approximate Height and Weight: Average height and weight
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Grey hair with reddish highlights
  • Marks, Scars: Appendectomy scar.
  • Dentals: Wore both top and bottom dentures
  • Clothing: A grey, blue and black, long sleeved button-up shirt; Black Wrangler jeans with a black leather weave belt. Belt buckle was etched silver with a turquoise stone in the middle. Black "Athletic Works" Velcro closure shoes, size 8W- new in appearance; white underwear and white socks. Attached to the belt was a black nylon bottle carrier containing a partial bottle of Diet Pepsi. On his left wrist, he wore a gold Seiko brand watch. He also wore a black nylon shoulder holster with an empty, double magazine pouch. Nearby was a black jacket, "Members Only", size Medium, with a roll of red and white "Star Brite" mints in the pocket. Next to the jacket was a black duffel bag, "Rome" brand, containing a heavy brown leather jacket with a Navajo design, size medium; Kleenex / napkins, sanitizer wipes from Service Master, one cigarette, and more mints. A pair of glasses were found near the man's foot. He had on his person a black fold up knife with the words "stainless steel"; a full 9mm magazine in a zip-lock bag; a partial pack of Doral non filter cigarettes; a pair of silver scissors; a black/yellow lighter, seven dollars in cash and miscellaneous change.
  • Other: Wore expensive, unique prescription, no line bifocal eyeglasses for an astigmatism in his right eye. The prescription was as follows: Right eye / -5.75-1.50 by 8 Plus 1.50 add. Left eye: /Plano-1.50 by 69 Plus 200 Add. The glasses were sold only in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington State.
  • Fingerprints: Available


Case History
On June 12th, 2002, the body of the victim was found on a walking trail up Jacobs Gulch. He had died of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the right side of his head. The gun, recovered from beneath the body, was a 9mm semiautomatic Smith & Wesson Model 915. He was well dressed, well nourished and did not appear to be a transient type person.
Fingerprint comparisons against missing men from several surrounding states produced no leads.
The gun used was traced to a man who had sold the gun in Houston, Texas in 1996. He has since destroyed the records of that sale.

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Shoshone County Sheriff's Office
Undersheriff Mitch Alexander

or Fax: 208 753 8851
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Source Information:
Shoshone County Sheriff's Office

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