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647UFAR - Unidentified Female

Facial reconstruction Facial reconstruction Facial reconstruction Facial reconstruction Facial reconstruction
Facial reconstruction of the victim

Date of Discovery: April 20, 1985
Location of Discovery: Wrightsville, Pulaski County, Arkansas
Estimated Date of Death: 1985 to 1985
State of Remains: Not recognizable - Partial skeletal parts only
Cause of Death: Unknown

Physical Description

Estimated Age: 30-40 years old
Race: White
Gender: Female
Height: 5'3"
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Blondish-red
Eye Color: Unknown
Distinguishing Marks/Features: There is a remote healed misaligned and malunion of the lower 3rd of the left femur. Excessive callus formation is present.


Dentals: Available. #2 Occlusal decay, #3 Mesio-occlusal alloy, #5 Disto-occlusal alloy-missing, #6 Mesio-facial composite; Disto-facial composite, #8 Facial composite mesial caries, #9 Disto-lingual composite, #10 Facial; Mesio-lingual; Disto-lingual composite, #11 Mesio-facial composite; Disto-lingual composite, #12 & #13 Clinical crown-missing, #15 Disto-occlusal alloy, #22 Mesio-inciso-linguo-facial composite with incisal 1/3 missing, #23 Disto-inciso-linguo-facial composite, #27 Facial composite-missing, #28 Mesio-facial composite distal caries, #29 Occlusal caries, #30 Disto-occlusal-buccal alloy, and #31 Disto-occlusal-linguo-buccal alloy.
Fingerprints: Not Available
DNA: Available

Clothing & Personal Items

Clothing: Multi-colored 1045 Park blouse (size 5) and a bra.
Jewelry: Unknown
Additional Personal Items: Unknown

Circumstances of Discovery

The victim's skeletal remains were found 1/4 of a mile south of Wrightsville Park Road, 75 yards west of the Arkansas River. The remains were found face down with her clothes 70 feet southwest near the river bank.

Investigating Agency(s)

Agency Name: Arkansas State Crime Laboratory
Agency Contact Person: Chris Edwards
Agency Phone Number: 501-227-5936
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: 182-85

NCIC Case Number: U153187536
NamUs Case Number: 2839

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