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Case File 568UMFL

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Reconstructions of Victim by Natalie Murry & Tricia Blair

Unidentified Hispanic Male

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Case History
The victim was located by hunters approximately 115 feet north of US-41 on Burns Road, approximately 4 miles east of Ochopee. Subsequent police investigation and confession of a witness revealed that the decedent was brought to that location from the Miami area.

The police investigation revealed the name "Eduardo Bellito DeLina" as a possible name for the decedent but a records check on the name was conducted with negative results. Other names/ nicknames referred to are "Kuku" or "Cuckoo" and "Cuquito". No other information exists about the validity of these names.

Jose Julian Ortega, 29, was charged with first-degree murder after a witness came forward and told authorities that she had seen Ortega kill a man known only as Cuckoo.

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District 20 Medical Examiner Office

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Source Information:
Miami Herald, The (FL) 11/15/84

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