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Case File 543UFTX

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Unidentified White/Hispanic Female

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Case History

The victim was located by a worker with the Texas Highway Department in Grimes County, Texas on October 29, 1981. She was found on F.M. 244, just south of Iola near Bull Creek Bridge.

The body was inside a large plastic bag, which also contained a type of rag commonly used by mechanics. An investigation was launched by the Grimes County Sheriff's Department and the Texas Rangers, but the identity of the girl was never established and no local children were reported missing about that same time.

Considering the condition of the body, the killer or killers may have stored the body in a cool, dry place - possibly a closet - where it decomposed over several years. The killer probably needed to get rid of the body, then placed it in a bag and dumped it on the side of the road in 1981.

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Grimes County District Attorney's Office
Investigator Travis Higginbotham
Investigator Todd Green
Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse

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Source Information:
Grimes County District Attorney's Office
Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse

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