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Case File 49UFFL

Reconstructions of Victim

Unidentified Female

  • Located on February 15, 1991 in Big Coppitt Key, Monroe County, Florida.
  • Date of Death: February 14, 1991
  • Cause of death was homicide; the victim had been strangled.

      Vital Statistics

      • Estimated age: 16 - 25 years old
      • Approximate Height and Weight: 5' 4"; 145 lbs.
      • Distinguishing Characteristics: Dark brown straight hair, cut just above the collar; brownish/green eyes. She was a nonsmoker. The victim's ears were pierced four times each. The victim may have carried a baby to full-term. Stretch marks on abdomen. She was suffering from ovarian and fallopian tube cysts, which may have been causing her abdominal pain.
      • Tattoos: She had two tattoos; one, was the word "Love" encircled by a heart, on upper left arm. The other tattoo was a cross with sun rays emitting from the center. It was located between the thumb and forefinger of her left hand.
      • Clothing: The victim's clothes were found near her body. It was a knitted, long-sleeved, blue, purple and red-striped Forenza sweater; Big Yank knee length, blue denim shorts; and black Clicks' moccasin-style booties with red stitching & some turquoise-style bead work, Click brand, size 6 1/2B. Sold by Baker Shoes in 1989.
      • Jewelry: She wore a Times watch with silver band on the right arm and had 2 earrings in left ear (1 silver ball, 1 white pearl like), 4 earrings in right ear not described.
      • AKA: "Florida Jane Doe"; "Valentine Jane Doe".
      • Dentals: She had excellent dental care; 1 filling, around age ten she had a molar extracted. Records are available.
      • DNA: Available in CODIS.

      Tattoo 1Tattoo 1Tattoo 1
      Left: Love tattoo center: cross on left hand. Right: moccasin-style booties.

      Tattoo 1Tattoo 1Tattoo 1
      Left: Big Yank shorts.
      Right: Forenza sweater. Bottom: Full Figure

      Case History
      The victim was located in a dense wooded area near a frequently used illegal campground on West Summerland Key, just south of the Bahia Honda Channel Bridge on February 15, 1991.
      Windsurfers camping in the area near Bahia Honda State Recreation area, located near mile marker 35 on US 1 in the Florida Keys, made the discovery of the girl. Her body was laying on a dirt trail in a heavily wooded area. She was beaten and strangled to death with her bikini top. Her face was bruised by a beating, apparently when she was killed.
      Investigators believe the victim was raped, but that has not been proved. An autopsy determined Florida Jane Doe had been killed the day before on Valentine's Day.
      Detectives got tips early on and learned that Florida Jane Doe had been seen by motorists hitchhiking along US 1 in the Keys. Because of her clothing especially the sweater and moccasins, she stood out. Based on the information, police determined on Valentine's Day the girl was in Key West and walked northbound on US 1 on Big Coppitt Key, about ten miles north of Key West. She was seen by another eyewitness at mile marker 15 and around 18:30 that night at mile marker 17.

      Her clothing was not typical of someone who was from South Florida, and she did not have any tan lines at all. Another indication she was visiting: She didn't wear tennis shoes or sandals.

      If you have any information concerning the identity of this woman or the circumstances surrounding her homicide, please contact:
      Monroe County Sheriff's Department

      All information may be submitted on an anonymous basis.

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      Source Information:
      The National Center For Missing and Exploited Children
      Florida Department of Law Enforcement
      Fox News 4/26/07

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