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Case File 472UMNJ

Reconstruction of Victim

Unidentified White / Hispanic Male

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 18 - 25 years old
  • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'10"-6'0"; 150 - 155 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Black hair; brown eyes. An obvious hairless scar along the left part line on the scalp and two facial moles. One mole is located above the upper lip under the right nostril and the other is located on the left cheek. No tattoos.
  • Clothing: He was wearing a black White Sox Major League Baseball shirt and Levis carpenter-style blue jeans. He was without shoes, socks and a coat.
  • Jewelry: Wearing two necklaces and a watch. One necklace is a black cord with two small oval religious pendants. The other necklace is made up of wood-like rod and ball beads. The watch is a black Casio chronograph with green buttons.
  • Fingerprints: Available for comparison

Case History
The victim was found in a suitcase, at about 17.00 on December 7, 2002 on Emleys Hill Road in Upper Freehold, New Jersey. His death is considered suspicious, but not a homicide. Police believe he died of an overdose of alcohol and heroin and those with him panicked and dumped the body. The absence of warm clothing pointed to the possibility that the man died indoors and was transported to the location.
The body had not been there for a long period of time because the bag was on top of the most recent snowfall.

If you have any information about this case please contact:
New Jersey State Police
Hightstown Station

You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

Agency Case Number: C06002409

NCIC Number: U-000003528
Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

Source Information:
New Jersey State Police
Asbury Park Press

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