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Case File 45UFMS

Sketches of Victim; Right sketch by Wes Neville

Unidentified White Female

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 18 months to 2 years old
  • Approximate Height and Weight: 2'6" - 76 cm; 20 - 25 lbs - 11 kg.
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Strawberry blonde hair; either brown or blue eyes, due to the cloudiness of the eyes.
  • Dentals: 12 baby teeth had grown in at the time of her death.
  • Clothing: The victim was discovered wearing a Cradle Togs' pink and white dress which buttoned in the back and a disposable diaper. Some reports say that she was wearing a red and white checkered dress (or shirt).

Case History
The victim was located in the Dog River, beneath the westbound lane of I-10 in Pascagoula, MS, on December 5, 1982. She was apparently thrown off the Interstate 10 bridge 36 - 48 hours prior to discovery.
Her body was found when a trucker called authorities to report a body of an adult wearing a blue plaid shirt and blue jeans, floating in the river. The Jackson County Sheriff's Office believes the body is the mother of the child found floating in the river. Detectives said the theory is based on the fact that a woman, who was obviously distressed and carrying a child, was seen walking on Interstate-10 on the previous Friday night. This is further confirmed by a Moss Point woman who was monitoring CB conversations that night. She said "truckers were 'raising-a-boat-load-of-Hell' between midnight Friday and 1 AM. Saturday because a woman and child were walking on the interstate and refused to let anyone help her."
Authorities said a woman wearing a blue plaid shirt and blue jeans and carrying a child was seen near the scales at the Alabama line walking west on the interstate. She was reported walking in the westbound lane. A man who saw the woman said a pickup truck stopped but she refused to get into the truck.
Authorities speculate the woman may have thrown the child into the water and then jumped. The baby still had a breath of life because she had sucked in some of the murky water into her lungs.
It is unclear if the body of the woman was recovered.
The unidentified toddler is buried in Jackson County Memorial Park. Deputy Moore and his wife stepped forward and made sure the little girl was given a proper funeral and burial in 1982. 200 people attended the young girl's funeral.
The circumstances of her death remain unknown and no arrests have been made.

If you have any information concerning this child's identity or the circumstances surrounding her homicide, please contact:
Jackson County Sheriff's Department
Capt. Mick Sears

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Source Information:
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
Operation Delta Dawn
Gulf Live
WLOX 12/8/07

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