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Case File 452UMNJ

Reconstructions of Victim by Donna Fontana and Lewis Trowbridge

Unidentified Male

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Case History
On April 19, 2002, Stanislaw Kocur and his son Mark discovered a 55 gallon steel drum which had been dumped on their residential property located at 325 Spring Valley Road, Marlboro. The steel drum had been originally located in a ravine on the property which contained a small stream. The drum was moved to the end of the driveway by members of the Kocur family. The Kocurs believe that the drum was placed on their property no earlier than the night of April 18, 2002.

On April 29, 2002, members of the Marlboro Police Department and the Monmouth County Health Department went to 325 Spring Valley Road to remove the steel drum. The drum was found to be welded shut. Health Department officials utilized a probe to examine the interior of the drum and something solid was discovered. The Major Crimes and Forensics Units of the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office immediately became involved.

When the drum was opened, the body of a markedly decomposed, fully clothed adult male was discovered. No wallet or other identification was found with the body. The drum was industrially welded in a very professional way that might indicate the man was murdered at a site that handles such tasks regularly.

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Detective Paul Seitz
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Marlboro Police Department
Detective Jay Fox
Detective Scott Bingham

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Source Information:
Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office
News Transcript
New Jersey State Police

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