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Frank Pozar
Missing since October 26, 1984 from Spokane, Spokane County, Washington
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Frank Pozar and his wife Tessie were last seen in Spokane on October 26, 1984. The Pozars were longtime residents of Spokane. They spent many years accumulating property in Hawaii, where they had planned to retire.

They usually closed the Spokane Street Motel, which they operated, each fall and spent the winter in Hawaii. In the fall of 1984, they made arrangements for their annual trip and bought airline tickets. They were scheduled to leave on October 30, 1984. The Pozars disappeared and never used the tickets. Nobody reported them missing until weeks after the disappearance. The Pozars didn't keep a phone in their Hawaii houses. Other than the occasional postcard, their Spokane neighbors and children didn't hear from them until they reopened the motel each March or April.
It wasn't until after Christmas, when the usual holiday communications failed to appear, that their children checked up on them. Family members contacted Hawaii authorities, and Hawaii officials contacted Spokane police on January 7, 1985.

The couple always made reservations to leave their two dogs at a kennel near Spokane. They stored their camper at a Spokane storage warehouse, and usually took a cab to the airport to leave town.
The dogs, an Akita and a Sheltie-type mixed breed, have not been found. The Pozars made a reservation to drop the dogs off October 29. But they didn't show up. The last time anyone saw the Pozars was when they dropped their camper off at the warehouse for storage. Some unidentified person later took it. The camper was left at the Spokane International Airport longterm parking lot sometime before 1.00 on October 30.
The Hawaii airline tickets sold to the Pozars have never been used or cashed in. Other than their property investments, the couple had no large debts. They didn't have apparent access to a large amount of cash. They had no criminal records. Police say they have not ruled out the possibility that the Pozar disappeared on their own but believe it's likely the Pozars were the victims of foul play.

In February 1986, the Pozars' son was sentenced to 20 months in prison for stealing from the estate of his missing parents. He was found guilty of first-degree theft, forgery and four counts of second-degree theft. The jury ruled that Pozar cashed in savings bonds belonging to his parents and used their credit cards after they disappeared.

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Agency Case Number: 8504892

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Seattle PI

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