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Richard Post III
Missing since August 20, 1998 from Point Loma, San Diego County, California
Classification: Involuntary

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Rick Post a private investigator from Point Loma, was kidnapped into Mexico in 1998, and killed on a Mexican hillside after he was beaten and tortured for three days in Tijuana. His body was never found. In two phone messages he left before he disappeared August 20, 1998, Post said he would be home soon after tending to business in Mexico. Post vanished without a change of clothes or luggage.

Kimberly Bailey of Fallbrook, owned a mail-order business, Astro Pulse, that sold devices that Bailey claimed cured cancer. Bailey hired Post in the late 1990s, as some employees were stealing from her. Post and Bailey became business and romantic partners. Post, who was divorced, owned and operated Intellisource, and Astro Pulse became his biggest client.

Post was paying John Krueger of Clairemont, about $15 an hour to help investigate the employee thefts. Krueger felt slighted, even though he had been stealing checks from Bailey. He believed Post was stealing money and cutting him out of a profitable business, so he told Bailey that Post was ripping her off and cheating on her. Bailey, who had suspected Post was stealing, snapped. She wanted someone who would kidnap and torture Post. The plot, Krueger later told an FBI agent, was to kidnap and torture Post until he agreed to return the money Krueger said he'd stolen from Bailey. Krueger made contact with Humberto Iribe, a Mexican national. The three met in the summer 1998 at the food court in Horton Plaza and conspired to kidnap Post and have him interrogated in Mexico.

Post was last seen alive outside a Tijuana drug store, where he went with Bailey and Krueger after she told him she was going to sign over money to him from a Mexican bank account.
Two of Iribe's Mexican associates abducted Post, who was waiting in his car. They grabbed Post from his car and took him to an abandoned Tijuana house, where he was interrogated and beaten for several days. During the beatings, Post denied taking money from Bailey.
Bailey initially paid Iribe $10,000. A day or two after the kidnapping, she gave him about $40,000 to have Post killed. He was shot and buried by Iribe's associates.

In 2002, Kimberly Bailey, who lured Rick Post to Tijuana and ordered his murder, was sentenced to life in prison plus 10 years. John Krueger received a 12-year prison sentence in exchange for his testimony. Humberto Iribe received a 25-year sentence in August 2007 for conspiracy and attempted kidnapping. He told an FBI agent he knew where Post was killed and buried outside Rosarito Beach.

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