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Case File 3UFMT

Facial Reconstruction

Unidentified White/Asian Female

Vital Statistics

  • Approximate age: 20-35 years old
  • Approximate Height and Weight: 4'10-5'2"; 90-110 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Light-brown hair, believed to be thin, wavy and treated. She was a smoker and may have been right-handed. Her cheekbones were quite prominent. She may have been of Asian descent, possibly Japanese.
  • Dentals: Dental records are available. She had excellent and extensive dental care until maybe a year before her death. She had fillings in almost every tooth, and had two root canals, including one in a relatively rare location. Screw-in type of dental post on tooth #12, unique to the types of dental posts used in Asia and unlike those used in the United States and Europe. Tooth #32 had been extracted, likely within the previous year. Teeth on the victim’s right side were stained, possibly from smoking.
  • Clothing: No clothing was found at the scene.
  • DNA: In Codis.

Case History
The victim was found by a bear hunter, scattered across a hillside. There are little clues as to the circumstances of this victim's death; her remains were skeletonized when she was located.
Wayne Nance was a suspect in the death of this victim, but he died before anything was brought to trial. The murder weapon was a .32-caliber firearm and the bullets were Winchester/Western Silver Tip, solid nose or fully jacketed: Six land and grooves, right-hand twist, .051"/.055" land impression, which could have been fired from any of the following gun makes: Ceska, Walther, Llama, Star, Savage or Astra. The gun was not found at the scene, but two .32-caliber bullets recovered from skull.
She was also nicknamed "Christy Crystal Creek" because of the location where she was found.

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Source Information:

To Kill and Kill Again, by John Coston

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