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Pedro Segura Vera
Missing since June 12, 1999 from Alamo, Veracruz, Mexico
Classification: Non family abduction

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Pedro was last seen at his home in the Ranch El Encanto.
Alberto Vera Pacheco left his home to travel to the El Encanto farm, a family property located 20 kilometers from Alamo, where the he would pay the workers. Pedro Vera, went along, as he usually did.
They were travelling in a van, when they were intercepted on a lonely spot by 5 subjects on the road Tihuatlán Alamo-up to the community Tecomate.
Pedro was abducted along with his uncle Pacheco,
Alberto Vera was the intended target. The kidnappers were unorganized, and finally released the uncle, and told him to bring back a million pesos in cash. Alberto returned to the mountains with the ransom, but was followed by a group of police agents. The kidnappers probably saw the police, as they were nowhere to be found.

On June 17 , the child's parents tried to deliver the amount requested in the town of Cerro de la Pimienta, located between the states of Puebla and Veracruz, but the presence of the police foiled delivery of money and thus the release of the child.
Two weeks later, the kidnappers called again, demanding one million pesos for the return of Pedrito Vera. On the day of payment, officials prepared a surprise ambush, but it ended in a shootout and the flight of the kidnappers.
On August 4, 1999, the abductors were arrested in the State of Mexico. All detainees claimed that Rafael Alvarado Reyes had fled with the child. This man was located in Dallas, Texas by FBI agents, and moved to Poza Rica, Veracruz on March 6.
That concluded the hunt for the kidnappers.
Pedrito's father says that Rafael Alvarado went into hiding with the child in the Municipality of Tachichilco, Veracruz, where he was seen by many people.
Rafael Alvarado claims to have left Pedrito in the mountains, and denies to have hidden with him in Tachichilco.

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Source Information:
Reforma (Ciudad de México, Distrito Federal, Mexico

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