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George Phillip Gall
Missing since October 13, 1994 from Dayton, Ohio
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
On October 13, 1994, Gall left the home he lived in with his wife and child, and boarded a RTA bus to downtown Dayton.
The driver of that bus told Dayton police that Phil Gall walked toward the Asylum, a club along Patterson Road that is no longer in business. Phil Gall hasnít been seen since.

Phil Gall had signed a lease on a new home the week before he disappeared, and he and his wife were getting ready to move. Gall and his wife, had a 5-month-old daughter. They had worked and saved so they could make the move to a larger, better home.

Gall's face and arms were tanned and his brown hair bleached from working long hours outdoors this summer at Williams Brothers Roofing and Siding Company, 3000 Valley Street. Everything seemed to be going well for him and his family. Phil would drink from time to time, and he had an argument with his wife before he left that night. But it wasn't anything big or unusual.  He would not just go away on his own without contacting someone.

He left his $1,000 worth of roofing tools behind.

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Dayton Police Department

Source Information:
Dayton Daily News

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