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Case File 362UFNV

Reconstructions of Victim by Left 3: Wesley Neville; Right: Dalene Nielson

Unidentified White Female

Vital Statistics

Case History
The victim was found in a cave on the outskirts of Las Vegas on September 27, 1986. An open desert area about 2.5 miles south of W. Charleston Boulevard & about 4 miles west of Antelope. She was found in the cave, nude, lying partially under a blanket. Some clothing was found nearby. She had no traumatic injuries. It appeared that she may have been living there for a short time.

A tox test showed negative for drugs/alcohol. She had multiple stress ulcers in her stomach. There was no evidence of any food, cans, packaging, bags etc. inside or outside of the cave.

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The Office of the Clark County Coroner

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The Office of the Clark County Coroner

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