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Clayton Duncan McFaul
Missing since August 15, 1986 from Havelock, Ontario, Canada
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
On the 15th of August 1986 Clayton McFaul was last observed by a family member on the family farm located near Havelock Ontario.

McFaul was completing his usual daily farm chores. Clayton McFaul was last seen when he left the farmhouse he shares with his brother and sister-in-law, to deliver water to a sick cow. The pail McFaul used was returned to the barn but he hasn't been seen since.

He was very punctual about meal times so when he failed to arrive for his lunch this concerned family members. He just went to check on the cattle as he normally did. He stuck to the same routine for many years and he has never been known to leave the farm by himself.
An initial search of the farm by family produced negative results.

The Ontario Provincial Police conducted an extensive search for McFaul. The family farm and adjacent properties were searched by members of the Ontario Provincial Police using canine, horseback, helicopter and community volunteers. The extensive search produced negative results. The McFaul farm is located off Highway 7 a few miles east of Havelock, some 35 kilometers (21 miles) northeast of Peterborough.

Several possible sightings of McFaul were reported after the 15th of August 1986 and all were investigated fully but again investigators were unable to locate McFaul. When last seen, he was in a normal frame of mind and his health was good. He is described as a quiet, gentle, unworldly man whose work is his life. He loved animals and loved kids and never left the farm where he was born and raised. The old farmhouse in eastern Ontario was his world; he lived there with his parents until they died, then his brother's family moved in and he lived with them for about 20 years. He'd visited Belleville and Peterborough but never went anywhere alone and never seemed to want to. Only once did he ever spend a night away from his Havelock home; that was a few years before, when he had a hernia operation.

It is assumed McFaul may have fallen ill and become disoriented. It was raining that day and there was lightning. The barn next door was hit and burned to the ground. Police later sifted through the ashes but are convinced Clayton didn't perish in the barn.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Ontario Provincial Police
Missing Persons and Unidentified Bodies/Remains Unit
1-877-934-6363 - Toll Free in North America
705-330-4144 - Local or outside of North America
Crime Stoppers
1-800-222-TIPS (8477)

Agency Case Number: 20060279

Source Information:
Ontario Provincial Police - Missing Persons and Unidentified Bodies/Remains Unit

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