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Case File 34UFMI

34UFMI 1
Reconstructed Image of Victim

Unidentified White Female

  • Located October 26, 1994 in Curtis Township, Alcona County, Michigan
  • Cause of death is unknown due to skeletal remains.
  • The victim died between 1989 - 1993.

    Vital Statistics

    • Estimated age: 30 - 50 years old
    • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'0 - 5'4"; 135 lbs.
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Blonde or light brown hair. There were several healed injuries evident, all of which occurred years prior to her death. One of the victim's upper vertebrae and one lower vertebrae were collapsed. The injuries were located in her thoracic region, which is behind the rib cage. She had a healed fracture on her left arm near her elbow. These injuries may have been unrelated or they may have been the result of a singular accident, such as a car crash.
    • Dentals: She had a gap between her upper front teeth.

    If you have any information on this woman's identity or the circumstances surrounding her death, please contact:
    Alcona County Sheriff

    You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

    Source Information: Michigan State Police Web Site

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