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Case File 346UMFL

Reconstruction of Victim

Unidentified White Male

Vital Statistics

Case History
The victim was located on February 1, 1994 in an area just off Biscayne Boulevard. The victim had been mutilated. There were rope marks on the skin and mutilations to the neck and pelvic region. The genitals of the victim had been removed.

Daniel Conahan Jr. is a prime suspect in this case, as well as in at least five other murders for which he has not been tried.

On August 17, 1999 he was found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder and kidnapping in the homicide of Richard Allen Montgomery. He received the death sentence.

The homicides have been named "The Florida Hog Trail Murders".

The victims were all found within a ten-mile radius of one another and all were transients.  All the bodies were found within 10 miles of Conahan's home.

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