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Case File 302UFIL

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Sketches of Victim

Unidentified Black Female

  • The victim was discovered on March 28, 2002 in Columbia, Monroe County, Illinois.
  • Manner of death is homicide.
  • Estimated Time of Death: 6-12 months prior.
  • State of remains: Skeletal.

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 33-50 years old
  • Approximate Height and Weight: 4'10-5'4" (likely 5'1")
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Black hair. Healed fracture on forehead, determined to be from a childhood injury. She possibly had a scar across her forehead. She is believed to not have had children.
  • Clothing: A green shirt with a large "M" in orange, and the word "Mavericks" in orange or yellow lettering across front of the shirt (size XL). The shirt had two buttons at the top, similar to a softball jersey. Also found at the scene were a pair of khaki-colored shorts (size 3) with "Chazzz Credentials" as the brand name.
  • DNA: Available

Left: Victim's Shirt; Right: Victim's Pants

Case History
Skeletal remains were located by an Illinois Department of Transportation crew while cleaning trash along the highway. The remains were located in a creek bed on Route 3 near Gall Road.
The victim may be from the metropolitan St. Louis area.
She is thought be a victim of serial-killer Maury Troy Travis, who is also a suspect in the homicides of two other unidentified victims; 334UFIL and 327UFIL.
Police believe the three were killed by Travis, with some of the slayings videotaped. But Travis never identified the three women, and he hanged himself in a St. Louis jail cell three days after he was charged with three other killings.

Police searched the Internet for sports teams with the nickname and logo, but investigators haven't nailed down the source of the shirt.
A man who coached a Mavericks softball team that existed several years ago in south St. Louis County told police the shirt looks very similar to shirts worn by that team. But the team was for girls in their early teens and none of those girls would have worn the extra-large size found on the body. The shirt could have changed hands at thrift shops or yard sales.
A spokesman for the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team said the shirt doesn't resemble any shirts made for the basketball team.

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Columbia Police Department
Sergeant Joe Edwards

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Illinois State Police

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