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Maria Bozi
Missing since September 4, 1999 from Boulder City, Nevada
Classification: Endangered Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Maria Bozi was last seen around Labor Day at the Lakeshore Trailer Village near Boulder City. She moved to the Lake Mead area after her April 1999 marriage to an American man, David Fitch. The Lakeshore Trailer Village, where Bozi kept her trailer, is located about six miles north of Boulder City at Boulder Beach. She called the caretaker of her home in Surry, England, on September 4. No one has heard from her since, and she has made no contact with her family in England.

National Park Service rangers reported Bozi missing in September, after Citibank Corp. began inquiring about abnormal activity involving her bank account. Citibank contacted the Bozi's caretaker in September in an attempt to locate Bozi regarding her account. For several days in a row, according to the complaint, $ 1,000 had been withdrawn from an ATM in Henderson. Bozi was no longer seen by the neighbors and no longer kept in contact with her family or her home caretaker in England, as was her usual custom.

Bozi's husband, David Fitch, admitted to fraudulently taking money from Bozi's account by using her ATM card and wearing disguises to conceal his identity from bank surveillance cameras. He also admitted to cashing a fraudulent $ 40,000 check after her disappearance and concealing the money in an account that he opened under a false name. He also tried to sell Bozi's clothing and other personal effects, including her car.

David Fitch told a variety of stories about his wife's activities after that time. He told the caretaker on September 18 that Bozi had gone to Vancouver, Canada, representatives of the National Park Service on September 29 that she had left for Romania three weeks earlier; neighbors in the Lake Mead area on September 30 that Bozi had returned to England. He later told investigators that he took Bozi to McCarran International Airport in September, where she boarded a plane bound for Romania, where her mother lives. He later changed that story and told investigators some unknown friends came by the trailer park and picked her up. 

 Bozi was born in Bucharest, Romania, but investigators found her passport among items her husband had removed from her trailer and placed in storage. It is unlikely she has traveled overseas without her passport. Maria worked as a beautician in Greenwich, south London when she met David Fitch. She left behind an adult son in England.
Federal officials are conducting the investigation because Bozi disappeared from federal land.
David Fitch was sentenced in 2007 to nearly 22 years in prison for committing bank fraud and other crimes in a case that stems from the disappearance of Maria Bozi.
Foul play is suspected.

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North American Missing Persons Network
Las Vegas Review-Journal

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