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Stanina Ignjatovic
Missing since April 15, 1999 from Brooklyn, New York City, Kings County, New York
Classification: Endangered Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
On the morning of April 15, Stanica Ignjatovic, a former office cleaning woman who lives alone in an apartment on Conselyea Street in Brooklyn, telephoned a relative to say she was heading to Manhattan to visit her sister.

Ignjatovic never got there. Shortly after her phone call, the 54-year-old Serb immigrant vanished without a trace.
Police, who searched her apartment after relatives reported her missing, found no clues. No sign of struggle. No forced entry. No note. A check of city hospitals came up empty.

Her family and leaders of a local Williamsburg agency, St. Nicholas Neighborhood Preservation Organization, say there were signs for months that someone was out to get Ignjatovic.

Her troubles started after an electrical fire in 1997 badly damaged 18 Conselyea Street, where Ignjatovic had lived for 15 years. The fire forced the tenants out. When the landlord was slow to make repairs, Ignjatovic sought help from the St. Nicholas group.

The St. Nicholas tenant advocate accompanied her to Housing Court to insure that she'd be able to move back to her $295-a-month rent-stabilized apartment after the landlord repaired the building.

Witnesses say the landlord menaced Ignjatovic after a court appearance. The landlord denies threatening Ignjatovic.

The tenant advocate says she, too, witnessed the threats to Ignjatovic. The landlord also threatened to burn the advocate's house down. The morning of March 3, 1998, the day of a scheduled court hearing on Ignjatovic's case, someone set fire to a bunch of benzene-soaked rags at the entrance to the advocate's home. The arson remains unsolved.

A Housing Court Judge approved a consent order between Ignjatovic and the landlord. The order required the landlord to provide Ignjatovic with temporary quarters in a building he owned adjacent to the one that had burned. In addition, it gave him until April 3 to finish repairing the fire damage and move her back to her old apartment.

Once Ignjatovic moved into the temporary place, her life became even more nightmarish. Burglars ransacked the apartment three times. The last two times, on January 31 and March 10, 1999, they slashed all her clothes and furniture and stole her court papers dealing with the case.

Family members say Ignjatovic would call them in the middle of the night in tears, saying the landlord was threatening her. The family members said they would call police, But the cops thought she was imagining things.

On April 3, the day Ignjatovic was supposed to move back to her old apartment, the landlord demanded a 40% increase in rent, according to her lawyer. On April 5, the lawyer asked the Housing Court to cite the landlord for contempt. A hearing was scheduled for April 20. Five days before the hearing, she disappeared. Her family suspect foul play.

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