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Evelyn Throsby Scott
Missing since May 16, 1955 from Los Angeles, California
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
In May 1955, Evelyn Scott disappeared from her home in the Bel Air neighborhood of Los Angeles. She was never found or heard from again.
On the afternoon of May 16, 1955, the Scotts test drove a new car and Scott told the salesman that the couple was considering living abroad, either in Spain or Portugal. Aside from Scott, the salesman was the last person to see Evelyn Scott alive.
Her husband never filed a missing persons report and rebuffed questions from friends and relatives about where she might be, saying that she had run off or he had put her in a sanitarium to cure her alleged alcoholism. The matter only became public in March 1956, when her brother E. Raymond Throsby filed a petition asking to be appointed guardian of her estate.
Searching the house and its landscaped grounds, the police found some objects: in the incinerator were metal snaps from a woman's underclothing, and carelessly buried under a heap of leaves on an adjoining lot were false teeth and eyeglasses later identified as Evelyn Scott's.
Evelyn's friends suspected that Ewing Scott, her fifth husband, had killed her for her money. Her husband offered various explanations for her absence, but apparently convinced few.
During the six years between her wedding to Scott and her disappearance, Evelyn Throsby Scott cashed some $223,000 worth of securities, in addition to drawing about $180,000 in income from her estate. When she disappeared, there was a lot of money lying around in a dozen-odd bank accounts and safe-deposit boxes. According to subsequent testimony, Scott, using forged signatures, helped himself liberally to the money.
After two years as a fugitive, he was arrested and, despite the absence of a body, was tried, convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment, all the while insisting not only on his innocence but that his wife was not dead. Scott was released in 1978. He died in 1987.

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