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Judith Ann Elwell
Missing since July 6, 1967 from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Classification: Non-Family Abduction

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
On July 6, 1967, Judith Elwell vanished from her northwest Oklahoma City home on N. Meta. Her brother says around 21-30-22.00 that night he saw a big black car and heard his sister crying, he ran to get his father but when they returned the car was gone.

One of Judith's blue canvas tennis shoes was found the next day near the Elwell home, leading police to theorize she lost the shoe while struggling with her kidnapper. A short braided rope was lying under her shoe.
In the days after her disappearance organized searches were done but no other trace of Judith was found. At some point over the past four decades, the police case file was misplaced or destroyed.

On August 3,1967, 6 year old Brenda Lois White disappeared, a month after Elwell's disappearance. White’s remains were found three months later near an abandoned farm house in Harrah. Her dress was found near the shallow grave. Police suspect the two abductions were by the same person. There has been no arrests.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Midwest City Police Department

Source Information:
Cold Case OKC
News OK 8/07

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