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John Charter Reed
Missing since December 12, 1980 from Manaus, Brazil
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Reed is an American citizen that was last seen in Manaus, Brazil on December 12, 1980. He left behind his dog tags and his ticket back to the States. The last person known to have seen Reed was his guide, Tatunca Nara, who claimed to be the chief of a tribe that for 3,000 years supposedly had ruled Akakor, the capital of a lost civilization. His tale became the basis for a book, "The Chronicle of Akakor," written in 1976 by Karl Brugger, a German journalist based in Rio de Janeiro.
Over the years, Tatunca parlayed his legend into a business, leading tourists into the Amazon. He took them by boat along endless miles of rivers and streams.
Reed was one of several people who disappeared while in the company of Tatunca Nara.

Tatunca denied involvement in the disappearances in statements to Brazilian authorities and a U.S. consular agent. As he told it, Reed ran away and hid in the jungle when he asked him to return with him to Barcelos.
A missing persons' report has been filed with authorities in Twin Cities, Marin County, California.

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Twin Cities Police Department

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California Department of Justice
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