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Case File 224UFGA

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Reconstruction of Victim.

Unidentified Biracial Female

Vital Statistics

Case History
This victim's weathered skull, a few teeth and entire skeletonized right foot were found in a wooded area on Maynard Court, near Charlie Brown airport. The foot was still inside of the shoe, and there was also a bag of crack located inside the sock that was in the shoe.
The skull and foot bones were found in a field near a housing project. The area is frequented by people who leave behind used condoms and empty crack bags and the area has been a "dumping ground" for bodies in the past. It is near one of three Interstate highways through and around Atlanta, and very near an industrial route traveled by hundreds of 18-wheelers each day.
The crack bag may be artifact, without any connection to the body at all.
The fact that there were only small foot bones and the skull found indicates not that the body was dismembered, but that the body had been exposed long enough to allow animal activity to have been a factor. Stray dogs typically roam the projects near there.

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Source Information: Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office

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