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2145UMMD - Unidentified Male


Date of Discovery: March 16, 1968
Location of Discovery: Accokeek, Charles County, Maryland
Estimated Date of Death: 18 Months Prior
State of Remains: Not recognizable - Near complete or complete skeleton
Cause of Death: Unknown

Physical Description

Estimated Age: 30-50 years old
Race: White
Gender: Male
Height: 5'3", Estimated
Weight: 150 lbs, Estimated
Hair Color: Unknown
Eye Color: Unknown
Distinguishing Marks/Features: Old fractures of left clavicle, nose, ribs,one of the hands, face and upper jaw; Arthritic shoulders.


Dentals: Available
Fingerprints: Not Available
DNA: Not Available

Clothing & Personal Items

Clothing: 1. Long sleeve knit v-neck shirt with pattern of longitudinal lines 2. Blue trousers 3. White t-shirt 4. Black leather belt 5. Green undershorts with print.
Jewelry: Unknown
Additional Personal Items: Light colored socks. 1. Three red dice with white dots. have word "Wet" imprinted on them 2. Three keys one with "G.M." 3. Fingernail knife (pen knife?) with "Machinists Inc." with photograph of a lathe and a phone number of #Li7-6220 (547-6220) 4. Ronson cigarette lighter with gold-colored top and black body 5. Money: Fragments of three 5-dollar bills. two 1-dollar bills (U.S. Federal Reserve notes); five quarters with "1965. " one dime with "1965. " one nickel with "1964. " three pennies with three different dates: "1966. " "1952-D. " and "1957-D"

Circumstances of Discovery

The victim was found in a wooded area of a nature reserve (currently a housing development)(formerly a wooded area on Old Marshall Hall Road in the Moyaone Reserve) near the Piscatawy National Park and the Potomac River. Due to the coins found with the decedent and examination of the remains, the date of death could not have been prior to 1966.

Investigating Agency(s)

Agency Name: MD Ofc of Chief St Med Examiner
Agency Contact Person: N/A
Agency Phone Number: 410-333-3225
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: 68-405A

Agency Name: Maryland State Police
Agency Contact Person: Maryland Center for the Missing & Unidentified
Agency Phone Number: 410-290-1620
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: N?A

NCIC Case Number: Unknown
NamUs Case Number: 2416
Former Hot Case Number 1198

Information Source(s)


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