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Case File 1919DMVA

Keyton, circa 1973

John Edwin Keyton
Missing since August 3, 1973 from Bridgewater, Rockingham County, Virginia
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Keyton, Flora Helmick, and Martha Helmick were last seen around noon on August 3, 1973 in Bridgewater, Virginia.
They were due at a reunion in Dabolt, Kentucky that had been scheduled for the following day at the home of Leroy Keyton, the brother of Ed.
When they didn't show up at the reunion, the family began calling relatives and neighbors who might have seen the trio. Eventually the police were brought into the process when the family could find no answers.
Keyton picked up a Social Security check before leaving, but probably for no more than $50.
Ed Keyton was not known as a skillful driver. He was convicted of traffic violations in Rockingham County Court at least four times before his license was taken away, but he continued to drive. He often took little used roads to avoid the police. The year before he disappeared he wrecked his car injuring Flora Helmick's back. Police would stop him and place charges, however Ed kept on driving.
Ed Keyton a illiterate World War I veteran was ruled incompetent by Rockingham Circuit Court in 1932 and a "committee," or guardian, was appointed to take care of his affairs. George "Buddy" Price, who was Keyton's committee when he vanished, said the missing man often would leave the area, perhaps to visit relatives in Ohio, without telling anyone.
Keyton was a local World War I hero with a reputation as an eccentric. He lost his left leg during the war and, acquaintances say, returned home shellshocked.

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Daily News Record
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