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Case File 168UFHI

Reconstruction of Victim

Unidentified Asian Female

Vital Statistics

Case History
The skull and some bones of this unidentified woman were found a half-mile from Camp Erdman, in a brushy area on the mauka side of Farrington Highway, near a well-used hunting and hiking trail.
Not enough bones were recovered to determine her height and weight.
Her skull was found about 20 feet away from "a shallow grave," where her leg and rib bones were found.
The remains initially were thought to have been buried more than 50 years ago. But further examination turned up a gold filling in a tooth, signifying a more recent death. It's still not known how old the remains are.
Police have classified the case an unattended death until more evidence is found. However, it appeared someone buried or attempted to bury the body. There are no signs of trauma on the skull. She does not fit the profile of anyone missing or any unsolved homicide cases in Hawaii.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:
Honolulu Police Department
Department of the Medical Examiner - Honolulu

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Source Information
Honolulu Star-Bulletin

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