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Lucy T. Pacheco
Missing since December 9, 1965 from the Island of Oahu, Hawaii
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Pacheco was last seen in Oahu, Hawaii on December 9, 1965.
Pacheco and her soon-to-be husband, Albert A. De Mattos, age 73 and also missing, had known each other for three weeks.
They were last seen when they went for a ride in De Mattos' Gray-Blue 1957 4-door Pontiac Sedan bearing the license number 5A-3514, on the afternoon of December 9 and told members of Mrs. Pacheco's family that they would return in a little while.
She left a stew on the stove.

They did not leave the Island, as far as a continuing check with airlines and shipping lines can determine.
No one has seen the pair, with the possible exception of a Sears clerk, who identified them as shoppers on the day they disappeared.

Although both used prescription medicines, checks with doctors and pharmacies on all Islands has turned up no trace.
Their bank accounts remain untouched, although his son-in-law believes he had between $700 and $800 with him when he left.
Neither Pacheco and De Mattos, nor the car they were driving, have never been located.

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