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Ronald Henry Tammen, Jr.
Missing since April 19, 1953 from Oxford, Ohio
Classification: Endangered Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Tammen was last seen in old Fisher Hall, at Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio on April 19, 1953.
Ronald Tammen was a hardworking Miami University student until the night on April 19, 1953, when he walked out of Room 225.

About 20:30 he entered his room after returning from a road engagement with the Campus Owls, a dance band for which he played string bass. Outside sat his 1938 Chevrolet sedan. It was reported that he heard something that disturbed him, and he went into the hall to investigate. He left his wallet, car keys and personal items on his desk. He also left the lights on, a book open, the radio playing and his clothes in the closet. His bank account, with about $200, remained active.

Authorities checked all bus, rail and air terminals. The Air Force ROTC sent 400 men to help students search the countryside.
Friends and family, from Maple Heights, near Cleveland, said Mr. Tammen wouldn't leave without telling them. At first, police developed an amnesia theory, but later they did consider that he might have deliberately disappeared.

Later that night Mrs. Carl Spivey in Seven Mile, about 15 miles east of Oxford, heard a knock on her door. She saw a young man -- who fit Tammen's description -- standing outside. When she opened the door, he asked her how to get to the bus station. As there was no bus station in Seven Mile, she told him to go to Hamilton. She noticed he had a smudge of dirt on a cheek and his eyes were vacuous. Snow was on the ground that night, but he wore no coat or hat. She shut the door and expected to hear his car start, but it didn't. Then she realized the young man was walking. There's every belief he was Ronald Tammen. The supposition is that he had an attack of amnesia.

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