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Case File 1366UMAZ

Photo from document bearing the name "Elias Hernandez Hernandez".

Unidentified Hispanic Male

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 23-35 years old
  • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'8"; 115 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Black hair, black mustache.
  • Clothing: Short sleeved shirt, button-down, gray and white plaid, "E! Goose" brand. Denim pants, light colored, "World Class" brand. Within pants pocket: light colored handkerchief with black stripes. Black belt with white metal buckle. Briefs, purple. Found with him was also Denim pants, gray, "Boxer Jeans" brand, size 34. T-shirt, green, "Saymon" brand with image of ocean and "Huatulco". Sweatshirt, "Tommy Jeans" brand. Briefs, tan or gray. Briefs, black and gray. Black socks, "Wilson" brand. Blue socks. Other: Black backpack. Birth certificate in the name of "Elias Hernandez Hernandez" born on August 27, 1976. Brown wallet containing a paper with the following information written on it: "Enrique (850) 6503679" and the number "8502690358". Black boots, "Botas Rooper LEL Angel Azteca" brand, approx size 7/8. Gray or black socks. Black and blue "Puma" brand socks. Digital watch, "Aqua" brand.
  • Dentals: Available. #7 and #10: some alveolar remodeling with no mesial drift in canines so that diastemas would have been noticeable to those who knew the decedent. Left mandibular occult supernumerary tooth (premolar) between #20 and #21.
  • Fingerprints: Available
  • DNA: Available; University of North Texas

Case History
Decedent was found in a remote desert area by USBP, bus ticket indicated that he left Chiapas, Mexico on May 28, 2003.
Other Mexican documents found with the decedent bear the name "Elias Hernandez Hernandez". A brown wallet contained a paper with writing on it: "Enrique (850) 6503679" and "8502690358".

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