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Reconstruction of Victim by Marie Rankin

Unidentified Asian Male

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 45-60 years old
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: No hair found.
  • Clothing: A canvas jacket; a button-down shirt that may have been greenish; jeans; worn leather shoes, ankle-high; a duffel bag, maybe green, with "Hollywood Park" emblazoned on the side. The duffel bag contained nothing. His pockets held a little change, the most recent minted in 1984. A silver digital watch.


Case History
The victim was located in brush along a deer path in an El Cerrito park on August 22, 1998. A hiker ventured through a brushy, steep part of Hillside Natural Area and found the bones a few hundred feet off the path.
The skeleton was mostly intact. Scavengers likely moved the skull a few feet from the body. Detectives at the time found no obvious cause of death or anything that identified the victim. Nor do they know what drew him to that particular spot, or what conveyed him there. People mostly go up there for the panoramic view of the Bay.
They checked all missing-person cases throughout the Bay Area that bore even casual similarity to the body, and also registered it in a national database. Police also searched the scene intensively, even called in the Mount Diablo Metal Detector Club for help, but found nothing more useful.

If you have any information about this case please contact:

El Cerrito Police
Sgt. Paul Keith

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Source Information:
Contra Costa Times

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