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Case File 126UMCA

Reconstruction of Victim

Unidentified White/Hispanic Male

Vital Statistics

Case History
The victim had been murdered and thrown into the water at a treatment plant. The badly decomposed body of this man was recovered from a water junction box at the Gilroy Sewage Treatment Plant on South Side Drive. Police believe that the body could have been dumped into the sewer line up to one year before it was discovered.
Another unidentified body was discovered in a nearby area. Police believe these two cases are related. Cops believe that both of the murders may be tied to drugs and that both victims were killed the same day.
A San Diego County forensic odontologist, a scientist who studies teeth, believed the men were from a part of Mexico where the water supply was fluoridated. Fliers with information on the cases were printed in Spanish and posted in the lobby of the Mexican Consulate in San Jose for more than a year.

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Gilroy Police Department

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