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Zelko, age unknown

Amelia J. Zelko
Missing since September 25, 1957 from Joliet, Will County, Illinois.
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Zelko disappeared from Illinois in 1957. She was a newspaperwoman, running a weekly paper in Joliet.
She had blasted mobsters and political corruption on the front page of her weekly newspaper, The Spectator. On the Spectator's pages, Molly had also actively crusaded against gambling. It is unknown if any of this was related to her disappearance.
Zelko left her newspaper's Cass Street office just before 23:30.
A bartender later said she'd stopped in for a drink and used a pay phone on her way home. Zelko then parked in front of 413 Buell Avenue, where she lived in a second-floor apartment.
On the same day that Zelko disappeared, a witness claimed that she saw some men bury the body of a woman near her home, but Zelko was never recovered.
All that was found of Zelko were her two shoes. When she was in danger, she had told friends she would kick off her shoes and run.
At first police believed she had been kidnapped but no ransom note arrived. Searches were done but no trace of Zelko was found.
Zelko was declared legally dead in 1964.

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Source Information:
Suburban Chicago News
Suburban Chicago News

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