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Theresa Brown
Missing since June 26, 1989 from Lenexa, Kansas
Classification: Involuntary

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Theresa Brown and her roommate, Christine Rusch vanished on June 26, 1989. They were last seen in their apartment in Trafalgar Square on Sunday, June 25. On the morning of June 26, a Monday, Christine called into both her and Theresa's employer to indicate they would be out from work, as they were not feeling well. No one had actually spoken to Theresa since June 25.

Two days later, while looking for a suspect in the disappearance of another local girl, Joan Butler, the car of Richard Grissom, packed with all of his belongings, was found parked outside a Grandview apartment. Credit cards and jewelry belonging to Rusch and Brown were found in Grissom's abandoned car, along with keys to the apartments of the roommates and Butler. Grissom operated a painting company and had master keys to apartment complexes across the area.

On July 7, Richard Grissom was apprehended in Dallas, Texas, by the FBI. Detectives spent thousands of hours collecting evidence, among which was a security camera photograph of Rusch standing in front of an ATM machine on the night of June 26. Oversized sunglasses cover her eyes, but what appears to be a large bruise is visible on her forehead. It is the last photograph of any of the women.

In 1990, Grissom was convicted of the murders of Joan Butler, Christine Rusch, and Theresa Brown. In 1990, Kansas did not have the death penalty, a fact of which Grissom seemed to be very much aware. During the investigation, he alluded that the women's remains would not be located in Missouri because Missouri had the death penalty. Despite intensive searching both locally and across the country, the women have never been located.

If you have any information concerning this case, please contact:

Lenexa Police Department

Source Information:
The Kansas City Star
The Dodge City Daily Globe
Suddenly Gone by Dan Mitrione

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