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Leon Moncer
Missing since February 18, 1982 from Indian Run, Belmont County, Ohio
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Leon Moncer was last seen on February 18, 1982, as he left his home in Indian Run, Ohio.

His car was found in a ditch, idling with the lights on. His coat and some change still inside. Moncer, who was known for never being without his cigarettes, had left them behind. The car interior was muddy with signs of a struggle.

At the time he was in the midst of a divorce and working three jobs. He had earlier received a note in his mailbox, made with letters cut out of a magazine. It read, "You are dead." His family says he shrugged it off and threw it away.

Three people swore that they saw Leon in the months that followed. His wife said she and her daughter were followed for six months by a man in a truck. And for two years, a man would stand outside her house, in the shadows. At the time the wife thought it may be Leon, wanting to see his three year old daughter. The wife also received anonymous calls, one telling her what had happened to Leon's body. The caller said that Leon's head was in a garbage bag in the river, his arms and legs out in the strip pits.

Leon Moncer was later declared dead.
The case file on the Leon Moncer disappearance was lost years ago during a previous sheriff's administration. But after an intensive search of an storage building, the file was found and reopened in November 2007.

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