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Snow, circa 1980

Nancy Marleine Snow
Missing since November 6, 1980 from Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Maryland.
Classification: Endangered Missing

Vital Statistics

Fega and Bracelet

Circumstances of Disappearance
Nancy Snow disappeared after allegedly returning to Annapolis, Maryland on or about November 6, 1980.
She had flown from St. Louis, Missouri, where she had been temporally sent by her employers at the Republican National Committee during the Reagan/Bush Campaign, where she was a fund raiser for the campaign to elect McNary for Senator. The evening of November 5th 1980 she flew to Baltimore Maryland, to attend a private party. She allegedly spent the night there in a motel after the party and had breakfast with the man whose party she had attended. The man had dated Snow during the campaign. After breakfast Snow waited with the man in his car until her temporary house sitter picked her up. He arrived driving a car, which one witness remembers to have been a type other than Snow's Turquoise V.W. convertible. The party host claimed that Nancy got out of his car, said good bye and got into the car driven by the house sitter. In a letter to Nancy's daughter the party host claimed that Nancy told him she and the house sitter were to drive to Connecticut the next day.
The family could make no sense of this Connecticut detour, because they had been told by Nancy by phone the night before and by letters and post cards that she was exhausted after being on the campaign trail for 2 months and could not wait to get back to her Annapolis apartment and relax and catch up. That was the last time she was ever seen alive. She was never seen or heard from again by her family.
The house sitter claims he drove Snow home to Annapolis from the Baltimore hotel and that evening she went out to a local Irish bar called McGarvey's for a drink. He claimed that Nancy came home and said she met a boat captain named "Captain Jay" or "Captain J" who told her he was driving to Fort Lauderdale, Florida that night to pick up a yacht and then deliver it to either the Bahamas or U.S. Virgin Islands. She was going to go with him and crew the boat and be back by Christmas the house sitter claimed.
The house sitter claims she packed a few things and allegedly told him to use her check book to pay the bills while she was gone. He further claims he walked her to a certain street where Captain J picked her up, but he got no contact information from the Captain, did not inquire after the name of the boat, and does not remember the car he was driving, the license plate number, or even what the Captain looked like. He further claims Nancy left no note or letter for her daughters to tell them where she was going and with whom, the name of the boat or when she would return and no contact information.

Snow's family finds this unlikely, as Nancy Snow was a devoted mother to her three young daughters and would never have left town in such haste with a stranger and especially would not have left her belongings and checkbook in the hands of a relative stranger. She called her daughters every day before her disappearance and would never have left town without calling her family to inform them of such a huge decision. She asked all her daughters day's before her disappearance to send her letters so she could read them when she arrived in Annapolis in a few days.
In the 6 months after Snow's disappearance the roommate wrote checks to himself and for bills on Snow's check book (forging her signature) totaling apx. of $10,000. He also continued to drive her V.W., which he told the family was in storage, sold and gave away her belongings and all of her files and papers disappeared.
After questioning by Annapolis Police, in October 1981, The house sitter left the country for the Bahamas in December 1981, before he could be questioned by a Grand Jury.
Snow's disappearance remains unsolved.
There has been no social security activity on her name since her disappearance and she never used her credit cards or attempted to withdraw money from her bank account after her disappearance, even though she had just inherited a sum of money a few moths before.

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