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Reconstruction of Victim by National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Unidentified White Male Child

Vital Statistics

Victim's Shoes

Case History
The victim was located in the Kenne Creek Reservoir, along Highway 66 in the mountains east of Ashland. A man fishing in the area hooked what he thought was a blanket roll. But the bundle, a blanket and quilt wrapped with wire, contained a boy's body.

An autopsy performed the day after the body was found estimated that his death likely happened after October 1962. Winter's freezing temperatures could have helped preserve the body, but the medical examiner couldn't be sure. The condition of the body prevented him from determining a cause of death.

The child's footprints were taken with the help of the FBI, and deputies spent days with magnifying glasses comparing them with imprints taken of newborns at local hospitals around the time they estimated he had been born.

The body was wrapped in an aqua blanket and a handmade patchwork quilt that included lots of red, including red gingham squares. Two iron assayer's molds were wrapped in the quilt, apparently to weigh the body down. Thin brass wire and several loops of copper wire with a lead sheath and rubber insulation secured the bundle.
Reports indicated that both the molds, designed for refining and casting metal, and the telephone wire were once common, but already old and seldom used by the time the boy was found.

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Source Information:
The Mail Tribune

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