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Right: Age-Progressed to age 13 (circa 2001)

Michael Anthony Hughes
Missing since September 12, 1994 from Choctaw, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma.
Classification: Non-Family Abduction

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
On September 12, 1994, Franklin Delano Floyd walked into Indian Meridian Elementary School in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He immediately went to the office of principal James Davis. There, Floyd said he was the father of 6-year-old Michael Hughes, a first grader at the school. Floyd told Davis he had a gun and forced the principal to take him to Michael's classroom.

Floyd forced both of them into Davis' pickup truck and ordered Davis to drive out into the country. In a wooded area, Franklin Floyd handcuffed James Davis to a tree and fled with Michael Hughes. Five hours later, Principal Davis was rescued. For the next 2 months, there was no sign of either Franklin Floyd or Michael Hughes. Police swore out a warrant for kidnapping. Finally, Floyd was arrested in Louisville, Kentucky. But Michael was nowhere to be found.

In 1975, Franklin Floyd, then 32, turned up in Oklahoma City going by the name "Trenton B. Davis." With him was a young girl named Suzanne whom Floyd claimed was his daughter. Over the next decade, Suzanne and Floyd moved from town to town, using a variety of aliases. In 1988, Suzanne, then 17, gave birth to a son, Michael. Floyd claimed to be the boy's father. He then married the woman he claimed was his daughter. Then in 1990, when Michael was 2, Suzanne was killed in a mysterious hit and run accident. The prime suspect, though he was never charged, was Franklin Floyd. Floyd vanished after he had left Michael in foster care. Michael's foster parents remember him as a child with many difficulties: he had limited muscle control, and was nonverbal and often hysterical. His foster parents claim that Michael was considered at the age of two to be the mental equivalent of a 9-month-old child. While in foster care, Michael was said to have made great developmental progress.

Six months after abandoning Michael, Franklin Floyd was arrested on a parole violation. At that time a routine blood test revealed that Franklin Floyd was not Michael Hughes' biological father. When Floyd got out of jail, he requested that custody of Michael be returned to him. His request was denied.
Six months later, Floyd abducted Michael Hughes from his first grade classroom.
Franklin Floyd is serving a 52-year prison sentence for kidnapping Michael. Floyd insists that the boy is alive and safe, but he refuses to tell anyone where Michael is, or who is sheltering him. Later the police learned that Michael's mother, Suzanne, was not Franklin Floyd's biological daughter. She may also have been kidnapped by Floyd when she was a child.

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NCIC Number: M-766727107
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