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Case File 101UFCA

Sketch of Victim

Unidentified White Female

  • Located on May 14, 1991 in Needles, San Bernardino County, California.
  • Estimated Date of Death: May 7, 1991
  • Manner of Death: Homicide
  • State of Remains: Decomposed

    Vital Statistics

    • Estimated age: 25-45 years old
    • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'4"; 148-150 lbs.
    • Distinguishing Characteristics: Brown hair.
    • Clothing: She was wearing a small size, pink, tank top with a cactus and sunflower design, "Life Style" brand; Medium size, pink knee length leggings with lace fringe, label" Bodyco". White socks and a yellow metal 18" gold chain.
    • Fingerprints: Available at CAL-ID (909-890-5000), case #91-1263, or via Coroner Division.
    • Dentals: Dental records are available. Teeth 2,15, gross caries; fillings present. Dental chart and X-rays available at CA DOJ-MUPS ([email protected]) or Coroner Division. Possible comparison with "smiling photographs" (showing teeth).
    • DNA: Complete - DNA Profile available in FBI NMPDD (refer to CODIS #BK-05-000170).

    Tank Top Leggings Necklace
    Left: Victim's tank top; Center: Victim's leggings; Right: Victim's necklace

    Case History
    The victim was discovered in the desert alongside Interstate 40 in San Bernardino County, approximately 30 miles west of Needles, California.
    Identity may only be established with fingerprints, dental X-rays and DNA.

    If you have any information concerning this woman's identity, please contact:
    San Bernardino County Sheriff-Coroner
    David Van Norman

    All information may be submitted on an anonymous basis.

    Case Number:
    91-2511 / 91052145 / Jane Doe #07-91

    NCIC Number:

    Please refer to this number when contacting any agency with information regarding this case.

    Source Information: San Bernardino County Sheriff's Office

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