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1016UMNY - Unidentified Male

1 amulet coin
Reconstruction of Victim; amulet and coin found with remains.

Date of Discovery: June 16, 1976
Location of Discovery: Lysander, Onondaga County, New York
Estimated Date of Death: 2-5 weeks prior (posibly as early as 1975)
State of Remains: Not recognizable - Decomposing/putrefaction
Cause of Death: Homicide by asphyxciation

Physical Description

Estimated Age: 25-35 years old
Race: White
Sex: Male
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 130 to 140 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown, medium length
Eye Color: Unknown
Distinguishing Marks/Features: Thin build. Large, thin, jagged nose. No known tattoos or scars.


Dentals: Available. Extensive dental work done, including many fillings and crowns.
Fingerprints: Not available.
DNA: Available.

Clothing & Personal Items

Clothing: Beige, cashmere, v-neck pullover sweater - Size 42, over a blue turtleneck sweater. Blue Jeans; a pair of 100% nylon, yellow bikini undershorts with red trim. (label of Matt Andrews, made in Israel) - sold at a Zayre store. In 1976 the three closest Zayre stores were in Glens Falls, Jamestown and Newburgh. Florsheim, brown, leather half boots with side zippers. Size 9 1/2 D. 1976 was the most popular year for the boot, most common size and sold all over the US according to manufacture. Blue cotton socks (made in Hong Kong).
Jewelry: Gold chain with charms of an Italian "Mano Cornuto" symbol, and cornicello or "horn" like the horn of a bull.
Additional Personal Items: 87 cents and the good-luck charm from South of the Border amusement park in South Carolina.

Circumstances of Discovery

Three fisherman found the decomposed body in the Oswego River, just north of Three Rivers in Lysander. The victim had been smothered. The body was tied with a rope, and the rope tied to two cinder blocks to keep it submerged. The cinder blocks were made locally by Barnes and Cone, in Dewitt, NY. The body was in the water for about 2 weeks before floating to the surface. Part of a light colored shirt was wrapped around his face and head. In his pockets were a small amount of change, 87 cents and the good-luck charm from South of the Border amusement park in South Carolina.

The Comuto is an Italian amulet of ancient origin. Como means horn, Mano means hand. The charm represents a hand gesture in which the index and little fingers are extended while the middle and ring fingers are curled into the palm. The reference is to the horned head of an animal. The Mano Comuto is used for supposed magical protection to ward off evil. A regionally popular amulet, it is primarily found in Italy and in America among descendants of Italian immigrants.

Investigating Agency(s)

Agency Name: Onondaga County Medical Examiner
Agency Contact Person: Ronald Brunelli
Agency Phone Number: 315-435-3163
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: 76-0654

Agency Name: New York State Police
Agency Contact Person: N/A
Agency Phone Number: 315-455-2922
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: Unknown

NCIC Case Number: U242646027
NamUs Case Number: 6056

Information Source(s)

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