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Adelina Rotiroti
Missing since May 5, 1993 from Rome, Italy.
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Adelina Rotiroti disappeared from Rome, Italy in 1993. Around 23.00 she left the Hilton Hotel, where she was employed as a floor waitress. She told a colleague that she had to meet a person outside the hotel. She gave the coworker a case and told her to give it to her daughter or her brother in law if something would happen to her. That is the last anyone heard from her.

The following day the case is opened. Inside was a bank book with 7 million Italian liras and 100'000 liras in cash.
The following days Rotiroti's daughters noticed that the key to the safe was missing. In the safe there were bonds for the value of 35 millions Italian liras which also had disappeared.

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Chi L'ha Visto?

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