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Françoise Lemoine

Francoise Lemoine
Missing since March 1978 from Monneteau, France.
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Francoise disappeared from Monneteau, close to Auxerre, France in March 1978. She disappeared together with her sister, Bernadette, after staying for several nights in a hotel room booked by an unidentified man.

Her disappearance has been linked to the disappearances of six other young women from the Auxerre area. They all had slight learning difficulties and attended the same special education center in Auxerre.  Madelaine Dejust, Chantal Gras, Bernadette Lemoine, Christine Marlot, Martine Renault and Jacqueline Weis.

The city's social services failed to connect them in reports to the police, apparently concluding that they had run away. They may have been victims of a serial killer.

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la Gendarmerie Nationale


Source Information:
la Gendarmerie Nationale

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