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Case File 539UMPOL

Reconstruction of Victim

Unidentified White Male

  • The victim was discovered on December 27, 2000 in Ruda Slaska, Poland
  • Estimated Date of Death: December 27, 2000
  • Died from multiple injuries

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 49 years old
  • Approximate Height and Weight: 173 cm (5'8")
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Dark, short hair with receding hairline. Slim build. Scar from appendix surgery on abdomen.
  • Dentals: Available
  • Clothing: Dark knee-long coat; black and white blazer; black fabric trousers; "Adidas" shorts; brown lace-Up shoes.

Case History
The victim was located in the Kalinowa street, in the surroundings of Gosciniec hotel in Ruda Slaska. He had numerous injuries on his body. He died as soon as he was brought to the hospital.

If you have any information about this case please contact:
Ruda Slaska District Police
(0-32) 244-38-71 or 997

You may remain anonymous when submitting information.

Source Information:
Katowice Police

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