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Case File 503UFNOR

Sketch of Victim by Audun Hetlands

Unidentified Female

Vital Statistics

  • Distinguishing Characteristics: She spoke German, English, Belgian and French with an unknown accent.
  • AKA: Genevieve Lancier; Claudia Tielt; Alexia Zerner-Merches; Vera Jarle; Fenella Lorch; Elisabeth Leenhower;
  • Other: She carried nine fake passports and used wigs on several occasions

Case History
The victim was located in Isdalen, outside of Bergen, Norway on November 29, 1970.
Located next to her was a St. Hallvards liquor bottle, 2 plastic bottles smelling of gasoline, a glass that had contained sleeping pills Fenemal, and a silver spoon with the monogram filed off.
The drawing made of her was by witnesses who recognized her as a pretty woman who had checked out of the Hordaheimen hotel. She had signed the guest book with a false name.
The boxes at the railway station were checked, and the police found clothing, a wig, several eyeglasses (no prescription), similar silver spoons, 500 German marks and 130 Norwegian crowns, also a black notebook with number and letter codes. (possibly her travel route and contacts in Norway). All labels had been removed from the clothing, and all identifying things removed from the luggage.

What is known about her travels:

  • March 20, 1970 - she travels from Geneva to Oslo
  • March 21-24, 1970 - she lives at Hotel Viking in Oslo using the name "Genevieve Lancier".
  • March 24 - flies from Oslo to Stavanger, takes the boat to Bergen, stays the night at Hotel Bristol using the name "Claudia Tielt".
  • March 25 - April 1- stays at hotel Scandia in Bergen, still as "C. Tielt"
  • April 1 - travels from Bergen to Stavanger, and on to Kristiansand, Hirtshals, Hamburg and Basel. Thats the last trace of her in Norway until she returns six months later.
  • October 3 - travels from Stockholm to Oslo, and on to Oppdal, stays the night at the hotel there together with Italian photographer Giovanni Trimboli
  • October 22 - stays at hotel Altona in Paris
  • October 23 - 29 - stays at Hotel de Calais in Paris
  • October 29 - 30 - goes from Paris to Stavanger and on to Bergen
  • October 30 - November 5 - checks in to hotel Neptun using the name "Alexia Zerner-Merches"; she meets an unknown man at the hotel.
  • November 6 - 9 - she travels to Trondheim, lives at hotel Bristol using the name "Vera Jarle".
  • November 9 - goes to Oslo and on to Stavanger where she stays at Hotel St. Svitun using the name "Fenella Lorch".
  • November 18 - goes with the boat Vingtor to Bergen where she stays at hotel Rosenkrantz using the name "Elisabeth Leenhower" from Belgium.
  • November 19- 23 - stays at hotel Hordaheimen, stays in the room a lot and seems watchful.
  • November 23 - leaves the hotel in the morning, pays in cash and goes to the railway station where she places 2 pieces of luggage in a depository box.
  • November 29 - she is located dead in Isdalen.

    Police claim she committed suicide; rumors say she was a spy and the answers to her identification will be found in Moscow; other rumors theorize she was killed by someone she was close to.
    A book has been written about this case, Tore Osland - Isdals Kvinnen - Operasjon Isotopsy.

    Sketch of Victim by Audun Hetlands

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