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383UFPOL - Unidentified Female

Artistic rendering and reconstruction of the victim

Date of Discovery: July 28, 1999
Location of Discovery: Szczecin, Poland
Estimated Date of Death: Unknown
State of Remains: Unknown
Cause of Death: Homicide

Physical Description

Estimated Age: 30-40 years old
Race: White
Gender: Female
Height: 161 cm (5'3" to 5'4")
Weight: Unknown
Hair Color: Dark, possibly dyed.
Eye Color: Unknown
Distinguishing Marks/Features: Scar (2 cm diameter) on the interior side of her lower left leg. Two marks on right tibial bone from old fracture(s). She never gave birth. She was not an alcohol user.


Dentals: Unknown
Fingerprints: Unknown
DNA: Unknown

Clothing & Personal Items

Clothing: None located.
Jewelry: Unknown
Additional Personal Items: Unknown

Circumstances of Discovery

The victim was located at an abandoned area of Eskadrowa Street in Szczecin, Poland.

The killers were arrested and tried. The victim's identity could not be established.

Investigating Agency(s)

Agency Name: Szczecin Police
Agency Contact Person: N/A
Agency Phone Number: 997
Agency E-Mail: N/A
Agency Case Number: 7745

Information Source(s)

Szczecin Police

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